I don’t know of many feelings that can top a good release….  Any kind of releasement actually….  When you were a kid and swam down, down, down to the very bottom of the pool, then raced back up as fast as possible so you could release that pressurizing breath that was screaming for….  release….  You see the surface coming closer and let the air out, then your lungs are begging to be quinched with that rush of fresh oxygen….

Letting go of a burden….  Releasing the responsibility of a problem…

Sexual release….  Going to the bathroom….

So my thoughts pulled me to wonder, how much am I holding inside that is doing me damage..  

Like when you’ve got the stomach flu, and you just don’t want to throw up again…. A cough you’re holding back in the middle of a church service….  That laugh you’re stifling, it’s bursting through your lips begging for release right in the middle of a….you guessed it…  Funeral…  Maybe the bad stuff we keep inside demands the most inopportune time to present itself….  Like when you’re being yelled at by someone in power, and you can’t stop smiling!!!  So embarrassing….  

Maybe the expulsion is all about timing….