​I was thinking about posting an ad for a friend. Someone to watch movies with, talk, get stoned, go to the library with, watch beauty and the beast with, share Chinese food and pizza with….  But then I was worried they wouldn’t ever want a break.  Like it would be a daily thing…  I need a break.

My husband loves me.  Dispite any preconcieved ideas about Blake not being a wonderful and kind husband, he is and always has been.  What he isn’t is romantic, financially stable, and he’s a slob.  With that said, there has never been a person who has walked the earth who has been kinder, more devoted, or loved me more.  I’m quite frankly an episode of desperate house wives in Gabriella’s shoes, only the Walmart version.  

I am lonely though….  I was reading what I was looking for in a friend, and they are all things he and I used to do together….  

I miss my best friend…   I bet he misses me too….