Ever heard the song, the Christmas shoes? 

Well, to summarize, there is this little boy standing in line at a store on Christmas eve, and he’s attempting to buy these shoes for his mother.  Apparently she had died, and they were a poor family.  He wanted to get these shoes because she had been “sick for quite awhile” and he knew the shoes would “make her smile.”.  Ever wonder if momma didn’t off herself?  

I just went through one of the worst Christmases ever, and my son actually came up to me and said all he wanted for Christmas was to get his father a pair of shoes.  You see, he’d been wearing a pair of sandals, and that was the only pair of shoes he had.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the money to get him said shoes….  But it really made me think….  I wonder if the holiday season was just too fucking much for momma!  Her son had seen her sad for so long, and all he wanted to do was get her that pair of shoes and have her smile….  Life’s a bitch…  She’s dead and the kid is still trying to make her happy…  Someone should tell him it never gets better.