I live my life through your stories, your tales.

If you’re ever curious why I need so much detail.

Your voice has become my own

Mine no longer exists, if it did it’d be on loan.

Three years and counting since I’ve had a life

I can’t even call myself mother or wife.

“Please forgive her…  She’s not feeling well.”. 

Just the polically correct way of saying ” she’s dying in her own hell”

“I just don’t understand!!!!” You scream and you fret!!!

I cry and I weep wondering why you haven’t left.

The “good guy” the “kind one”I’ll die and they’ll say…

It will be easier for him now that she’s finally passed away.

Take the burden of my tears

Away from my kids teenage years.. 

The darkness is my best friend.  The blankets, my home…

And with my kindle prime account, my books leave me never alone…