follow the yellow brick road…

follow the yellow brick road…

follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick road…

you start out in life alone, along the way you make a few friends, but when the hell do you finally arrive at the emerald city and get to talk to the damn wizard?

and then if you do get there, does it turn out the same way??  is it all a hoax?  who is the bastard hiding behind the curtain??

a certain song

a certain life

who would you choose to live your life with?  The lion?  Scarecrow?  Tin Man?  Dorthy?

Maybe I’d choose the witch.  She had a fantastic castle after all….

Being a witch is also a perk.  I’m a witch…  at least I used to be…  can you stop being something that you simply are?  stop being a woman? wife? mother? I suppose not…  I’m still a witch…  she’s just dormant.

I used to be a writer…  thoughts burst from my fingers faster than I could type them out…  I should search around for some writing prompts…  all the ideas I have are too big to take on, and so I’m intimated…. looking through some prompts would inspire me, but not make me commit to something long term before I’m conditioned for it….  anyone have suggestions for prompts?