I can feel how much you want to put your fingers inside of me by the way you are rubbing my leg with lotion.  it’s dark in the room, you’re 19 years old, I’m 37, it’s taboo…  my husband is in the next room…  but I know you want to push farther…  I can feel it by the pressure your fingers apply when they’re rubbing higher on my leg.  your hands are huge.  they’re encasing my entire calf and I can feel it…  you’re grasping it and telling me with your eyes that it’s my ass.  You want to push.  push past my pants that you’ve already gone inside of….  you want to push past my panties and bury your fingers so deep inside me and watch my face as my mouth drops as my pussy welcomes every fucking finger you put inside of me…  gasping as I throw my head back.  you’ve wanted to fuck me for so long now, and I’ve wanted to fuck you too…  you’re well aware.  the sexual undertones of our texts, the lingering of our hands when we touch…  you’re going to soak up every single second of my passion rolling over my face because you’ve waited so damn long to see it.  I swear to god, I think you’ve got three of your fingers buried inside of me all the way to your knuckles….  I hope you taste them.  looking deep in your eyes, I know you’re going to, but you aren’t going to do it until I come all over your hand…. the dark room and the blanket draped over my legs aren’t providing me with enough privacy.  not for what I want to be doing.  I want to pull my pants off, lay down, have you pull me apart, make me so wet you could shove your entire hand inside of me.  I want to feel your finger pressing against my ass bud.  teasing… flicking….  pulling my ass cheeks apart and  making me beg you to fuck me.  don’t fuck me yet….  not until I cry… until I mewl.

I want you to flip me over….  bury your face inside my ass, and lick me from clit to cunt, all the way to my ass…  then I want your tongue inside of me…  buried…  from clit, to my cunt, until you bury it inside of my ass… make me want to be fucked…  so wet, so dripping….

but until then, I’ll just grab your arm, and shove it deeper….. making you know that I want you to fuck me with your hand….  right in the fucking middle of the dark room, where everyone sits watching a movie…  we’re in the back, but the noise my pussy is making every time you pull your hand in and out is starting to get loud…..  you hear it too, so you pull your fingers out and start working all over my clit….  my pussy is so wide open without your hand inside of me anymore, and fuck if I don’t miss it, but the way you’re working my clit feels so amazing….  pulling it, flicking it, and then I feel your finger sliding down….  taking plenty of my juices with you, I feel your finger go inside of my ass….  I come all over instantly…  it’s so hard to keep my mouth closed….  I drop my leg into your lap and feel your huge and stone hard erection begging to come out of your jeans…  it’s so fucking huge, and I had forgotten just how hard a 19 year old dick can get….. pulling your fingers out of my ass, you bury all of them in one swift push back inside of my drenched pussy….  with your thumb I feel you working my clit, and I know you want me to come on your hand……  pushing harder, working it inside and out, you’re rubbing the top of my g spot without a fucking care that my breathing has risen to an obvious level….  I shift around, and with your hand still inside of me stand up with the blanket hanging in front of me, so your arm and the darkness keep our secret.  the tv flicks and I meet your eyes telling you that I want you to follow me…..

walking back to my bedroom, I’m fully aware that my husband is outside with a group of our friends and neighbors playing poker, and while it is unlikely that he or anyone else will make their way back to my secluded bedroom, it’s still risky…

I tell everyone I’m going out for a trip to the store, and ask if anyone needs anything…  He of course follows right behind me, without a soul even noticing our departure.

the entire backseat of my suv came out, and I always kept a thick blanket in the back for emergencies….  well, this was mine…  I wanted…  scratch that, needed to fuck him.  we drive out to the lake, and to my dismay, you act like a perfect gentleman for the entire 20 minute drive….  just listening to the music….  all I can think about is releasing his dick from his pants…  thinking about how hard it was pressing up against his zipper makes me confident I’m going to come many, many times before this trip is over.  after parking I get out of the car, walk around the car in a way of seeming I’m just walking around to stretch my legs….  that lasts less than 10 seconds and you’ve got me pinned against the car with that same fucking hard on pressing into my stomach.  your lips meet mine before I can even tilt my head all the way up to you, and your tongue is in my mouth…  fuck I can taste how desperate you are to be inside of me….  I can’t wait anymore and I rub my hand over the huge hard spot pressing against me….  it is so damn hard and I need it inside of me….  pushing you away from me, you push back harder, and shove your hands into my jeans, and up inside my cunt before I even know what’s going on.  even after the break, I can still hear how wet I am as your fingers are pushing in and out….throwing my head back your lips meet my neck….  I’ve got my hand wrapped around your hard cock on the outside of your pants, but it isn’t enough for me.  I want to free it.  to feel the skin.  to taste it….  to feel it in my mouth…  god, I want every fucking inch of him shoved down my throat….  so I drop to my knees and pull your pants down when I drop….  I shove every single one of what look to be 9 inches inside of my mouth and shove it down….  down deep….  the head is covered with precome, and it tastes so amazing….. it only makes me beg you for more….  pulling off my shirt, I slip my hands around his ass and shoved his dick so deep in my mouth and I feel him begin to build inside of my mouth. I know he won’t last long, but that’s okay with me, because I plan on making him come a few more times tonight.  I want to feel it in my pussy, inside of my ass, in my mouth, on my face, all over my back, across my tits….

about then, I feel you blast into me and I can’t stop fucking sucking it out.  I beg you to give me more…  please keep fucking coming inside of my mouth…..  it taste so damn good…. I feel his hands grasping at my head, begging me to take it all in… but not for long.  his hands are underneath my arms, he’s jerking my pants down and has his body and dick pressed up against me trapping me against the car.  I look deep in his eyes and say two words….

two words that will be both of our undoing…  two words that we both know there is no coming back from….

Fuck me….

(look for more in part two)