by nature, and somewhat trade, I am a writer….  an artist….  a creator.

the problem is when I am not producing, I am not growing.  Not growing as a person, not growing my talent, and I am actually to the point of regression.  Although, this is the first time I have used a laptop or computer since the fire, so I suppose that is movement in the right direction.

The house is quiet.  I have Merlin playing in the background.  It is beyond cold today.

The house we are living in is fresh out of my childhood trauma chapters.  It is what we were basically stuck in after the fire, but at least my mother did me possibly her greatest courtesy of her life and vacated the residence when she was placed into a nursing home before she died last year.

Anyway, the house is in crappy shape, which puts me in a crappy mood.  At least if I have to live in this dreaded town, I could land a kick ass house out of the deal.